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Welcome to ABATE of SD Southeast Chapter

 ABATE of South Dakota; Inc. is the only cohesive state organization representing all motorcycle riders.  We are motorcyclists from all walks of life throughout the great state of South Dakota and membership is open to anyone who is interested in furthering the cause of fair treatment for all motorcycle riders.  Whether you ride a touring bike, cruiser or sport bike; Harley, Honda or BMW; whether you choose you choose to wear a helmet or not; man or woman; young or old; we ride in the same wind and must unite to protect the inherent freedom of motorcycling as well to advocate and work to effect a safe environment on the roads.  To also change the perceptions of all motor vehicle traffic to let them know that we are also on the road.

Through an active and involved membership, we can impact the manner in which legislation is made or deterred as it affects motorcycle riders here in South Dakota.

Only with an organized voice throughout the state can we hope to significantly improve our well being with respect to safety on the roads as well as to counteract the legislative tendency to restrict not just motorcycle rights but the rights of us, the American Citizen, from often times well meaning but misguided legislation.

A Brotherhood Aiming Toward Education, ABATE, has been in existence since the early 1970's and is comprised of individual and autonomous organizations in virtually every state.  The purpose of ABATE is to address issues affecting motorcycle riders at a state level, as well as to influence legislation at a national level through support of organizations such as the "Motorcycle Riders Foundation" and the "American Motorcyclists Association".  The state organizations also interact so as to formulate regional goals and coordinate political efforts.  In its simplest form, ABATE is a grass roots lobby advocating the well being of motorcycle riders through safe riding habits and rider training, as well as matters of restrictive legislation aimed toward motorcycle riders and motorcycles.  ABATE also addresses issues such as motorcycle awareness by the general driving public, discriminatory insurance practices toward motorcycle riders, safe road conditions, reduced tolls, space conscious parking, age limits on passengers, etc.

ABATE of South Dakota is comprised of numerous chapters through out the state, each of which hold monthly meetings and events and have elected officers who also sit on the Board of Directors which meets every other month and sets the states agenda. 

Upcoming Meetings:
Dec. 8th: (Community Center) Jefferson, SD
    Come meet Represenative David Anderson after the meeting!